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Adri Ber
They have very quick service, food tastes great, waitresses are very attentive and friendly. Their aguas cremosas are delicious. I'm always craving their food.
This is Adriber, I will always provide the best and honest reviews. The food is great and they have one of the biggest and greatest tasting tortas. They have a ten (10) lbs torta that can easily feed 4 people. The staff is friendly to everyone and very clean restaurant. Also, this restaurant has been name as one of the best places to eat and has been featured on a famous T.V. show. The best days to visit the restaurant will have to be Monday - Thursday since Friday - Saturday is very crowded. But it's well worth it. As always, im the firm believer of quality over quantity. This is my review remember always look for adriber for the best and honest review. :-)
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The torta del rey is the best!! Fills you up :) I enjoyed their breakfast and the milkshakes are mexican style and very yummy :) def. recommend
Alessy Ayala
I love this place I think they should open up more joints like this all over!!! Well there is an idea,,,, Maybe they should open one here in Cancun...jejeje
Josue Gonzalez
Foods good but you got to recognize, these guys make the Best Aguas!
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Indian School & 43rd Ave.
4333 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85031
(602) 269-3212
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